Coming Soon

I got half of a big shipment of parts today. This is a big deal because it’s the last big bit of equipment that I need in order to get the car road worthy and inspected. Here’s a peek.

If you guesses “new exhaust system” then you are correct. This first package has only the mid-muffler/resonator and rear muffler. The various pipes, clamps, and hangers are coming in another. I’m hopeful that they arrive before the weekend and doubly hopeful I have the time to install it all.

Shifter Bulb, Door Switch Fix, and New Window Scrapers

The weather this past weekend was very pleasant which meant the opportunity for car work was there. It also meant that spring cleaning was in play too. In the end I didn’t spend a lot of time working on the car, but I did find some time to do relatively small but critical things. After I finished cleaning out the garage and installing a bell on my front door I moved on to the car.

First on this list was a simple swap of the dead bulb inside the shifter. This light is there to illuminate the position of the shifter when the headlights are on. This procedure was just a matter of unscrewing the shifter cover and moving it out of the way so I could access the bulb socket. The socket is pulled out of its holder, the bulb switched, and the cover screwed back in place. Now I can see what gear I’m in when it’s dark.

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Lug Stud Swap

Back when I changed my brake pads I found that one of the lug studs on the driver’s side rear tire had stripped threads. Or maybe the process of taking the tire off stripped the threads. I’m not sure. But I would need to change that lug, and that’s what I did this weekend.

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