Backorder Limbo

My efforts on the car have recently been stymied by the fact that certain parts for this car are forever on backorder. A number of things I’ve ordered have been sitting with a status of “PROCESSING” for several weeks, and while I’ve been in contact with the vendor and know they will indeed one day arrive that day is still at least a week in the future. So until then all I can do is search for things to fix. One such thing is the hole through which the radio antenna will emerge. I have the parts for that one, but a previous owner justĀ butchered this hole.

I have little experience with fixing cars and even less with body work. Turning to a much more knowledgable friend, I asked for suggestions and he explained “dolly spoons” to me. Of course neither he nor I have a dolly spoon, so I’m going to have to get creative with how to get something of substantial mass behind that hole against which I can then hammer the edges flat. That would have been easier this past long weekend except for the fact that it rained like the dickens. So until some new parts come in and the weather improves I’m stuck just looking longingly at my car out on the curb.