Definitely going to need a new exhaust

I try and start my car most mornings if just to keep the engine exercised and the oil circulating. This morning, which was chilly, I noticed something coming from under the car after I started it.

Exhaust vapor is coming from a hole somewhere beneath the passenger compartment. Definitely not right. I couldn’t really see the exact spot from which it emerges, but I have mentioned before the terrible shape of my mid-muffler. That’s the most obvious culprit. I definitely don’t want it to be on or before the catalytic converter.

In the meantime I took the ‘crisitunity’ of not being able to unbolt the overdrive relay solenoid to buy a set of flex head wrenches. I had asked around among my friends for such a set, but no one had what I needed. Thus, sadly, I forced to buy some new tools.

Not super expensive (or high quality, more than likely) but they were well reviewed from what I could find. Hopefully they will do the job for me.