Filling In

Now that the belts are all on I can start putting back all the things that would otherwise obstruct their installation. First I should note that I had previously forgotten to install a small carriage bolt that keeps attaches the AC compressor to another bracket midway down its length. I assume this is to add reinforcement to the compressor for when the clutch engages during use. Going from standstill to full speed like that probably packs quite a bit of a shock to the compressor’s body.

Then I reattached the idle air valve back to its bracket with two bolts that anchor the valve’s rubber sleeve and plugged in the control wires. No hoses yet as they come and go from the main air intake duct which has not been installed.


Now that the IAC is back in I turned my attention to the forward driver side section of the engine bay right behind the headlight. Here I reinstalled thew battery tray and the beginning of the air intake – the air filter box. 

Working near hear reminded me that the power steering pump assembly was a bit rusty. I got out the flat back spray enamel and carefully covered those bits.

And while I had the paint out I decided to also give the ignition a new coat. It works fine but the outside had gotten quite dirty, the information sticker had come off, and the terminals were corroded.

A cleanup, a quick coat of paint, a soak in Evapo-Rust for the terminal hardware, and a reproduction sticker later and we’re looking as good as new(ish).

Some of this was obviously just a cosmetic improvement, but when it comes to working on a car these little things really go a long way towards making the car feel more “done”.

Next up will be the installation of the intake duct and MAF which brings us ever closer to the bigger tasks of the intake manifold, throttle and fuel system.