Life Happens

I am still here, and I am still working on my 240, but currently I have three main impediments keeping me from doing much of anything. First, the influx of tools mentioned previously has overwhelmed my tiny basement shop so I’ve been spending a bit of the little free time I have devoted to cleaning up and incorporating them all into my collection. The resulting confusion and mess has left the shop very difficult to actually use for fixing and building things. Second, it’s gotten really cold here in the last week and it even snowed a little last Sunday. Personally I find it super no fun to work on cars in below freezing temperatures, and the aforementioned shop mess has made it hard to even take parts (such as the intake manifold) indoors for repair. Third, and perhaps most importantly, my real, actual, daily driving car’s starter decided it had enough and quit. My wife and I pushed it out of the driveway and onto the street where it has sat while I look for time to work on it.

A Sad Fit

So far I’ve managed to get the old starter out and put the new one in. The next step is to plug all the electrical stuff back in and hope that this solves the problem. After that’s taken care of, the shop is cleaned up and made usable, and perhaps the weather gets better, I’ll move back to the Volvo.