Mistakes were made

Remember how I was sort of talking trash about the brake retention springs I got from AutoZone? How they caused the brake pads to rub when the wheel moved so i put the old ones back in? Well, I’m afraid I owe our friends at AutoZone (and whatever manufacturer supplies them) an apology. After reading my previous post someone reached out to me and kindly explained that I had, in fact, put the springs in the wrong way.

So the dummy here was me. Live and learn!

I’d also like to offer some unrelated advice about installing trim pieces. After I got the tailgate wiring installed and everything back in place I added the finishing touch of reinstalling the trim piece around the interior handle. It is attached to the tailgate with two screws. It looked nice at the time, but since then…

Notice how the missing bit on the left hand side has a screw head inside of it? That’s what over tightening screws into 25+ year old plastic will get you. So a word of advice: don’t crank the screw down to hard unless you want to break your trim.