New parts day!

Today was one of those great days I’m coming to know as a “parts via post day.” I had gotten an email earlier in the morning telling me that my instrument cluster parts were on their way. I got that antsy feeling you get when you see that “OUT FOR DELIVERY” notification on the UPS tracking site. Around 5:30 the parts finally arrived.

That’s the odometer gear and light bulbs for the dash in those bags. I took them to the workbench where the instrument cluster has been waiting. I very quickly installed the gear with no issues and observed the gear engaging and turning the odometer numbers a little. The odometer drive was then re-attached to the odometer/speedometer body and that to the cluster itself.

I then tasked my son with putting the new bulbs into their plugs on the cluster .


FLÖSSER! Lights were screwed in, instruments reinstalled, and plastic screen cleaned up a little. I would have loved to put the whole thing back into the car, but it was getting late and the light was dim so I’ll have to do that a different day.