Reinstalling the lock

I had a few minutes over lunch free this afternoon, so I decided to reinstall the central locking harness I repaired in the previous entry. The trickiest part was getting the end of the harness that fits around the lock itself in the proper place.

Notice the small, white bracket piece. In it sits a lug attached to the lock mechanism that turns with the key. This bracket is a small switch that makes the connection to drive the lock motor one way or the other to either lock or unlock the other doors. I had to make sure the lug was in this bracket before squeezing the plastic ring closed.

I placed the rod that the lock knob attaches to back through its hole and attached it to the actuating link for the central lock. Then I reinstalled the guide casing and taped the homemade vapor barrier back into place. As soon as I get the screws I need to attach the new handle I’ll close it all back up.