Reinstalling the lower dash

I replaced all the bulbs in the lower dashboard, got all the switches and wires reconnected, and I’m happy to say that the blinkers work and all the switches light as expected. However (and there’s always one of those) I have two extra bulbs whose location I can’t quite figure out.

Little lost bulbs

One bulb goes into the glass “lightbar” (part 1212530) above the controls, but I just can’t figure out where the two other similar bulbs originally went. I took photos of everything still installed before initial disassembly, but they aren’t particularly clear on this. If anyone out there knows, feel free to click the Contact Me link and share your knowledge.

Here is my simplified diagram of which wires went to what. The pictured layout shows the cigarette lighter as the large circle on the left and the safety belt reminder light as the smaller one on the right. The empty space towards the middle is an unused spot on my car.