Removing the E Code headlight

My son and I took a few minutes yesterday evening to remove the right hand “E Code” headlight. It wasn’t a difficult task, but it did require us to unbolt the retaining strap of the radiator overflow tank and move it out of the way so that we could move the windshield wiper fluid reservoir out of the way to get to the bolt that the turn signal light ground wire was connected to with a ring terminal.

After that it was just a matter of removing the three bolts that kept the assembly attached to the frame. As I suspected the E Code light had an H4 bulb connector that had handy spring locks for the wire leads, so removal in anticipation of replacing it with the 9004 style connector used on American headlights was easy and required no wire cutting. Once that new one comes in I will probably solder it together and then cover it with shrink tube for the sake of durability.

I also have a new grille and a few other bits and bobs coming. Once I get the handle guide casings (they’re all pretty much broken) and a few other things the car will almost be in drivable shape. There are still many, many things that need doing, but having functional lights and a method of getting in and out of the car from all seats is a big deal to me.