Task List

Having owned the car for a few days I’ve really only had the chance to give it a mostly visual once over. From that I’ve gathered a task list of issues that I know will need to be addresses before the car will be able to pass a legal state inspection. A quick list includes:

  1. Odometer broken (apparently it stopped working about two years ago)
  2. Left turn signal bulb is failing
  3. Windshield wipers only work on high and don’t return to bottom when turned off
  4. Hood release handle only works occasionally
  5. Front driver side door’s latch doesn’t work from the inside
  6. Rear driver side door’s latch doesn’t work from the outside
  7. Rear door hatch non-functional
  8. Brake pads need replacing
  9. All fluids will need to be flushed and changed

In terms of purely visual problems, the obvious ones include:

  1. Interior needs serious cleaning
  2. Emergency brake cover is destroyed
  3. Front doors missing panel pockets
  4. Front driver side door’s latch plastic casing is broken
  5. Radio antenna mast is broken (also not original)
  6. Front driver side door speaker is broken and missing cover
  7. Glove box is missing a hinge
  8. Rubber seals for the door windows are cracking and need to be replaced
  9. Window tint film needs to be removed

I actually already ordered a hinge from the glove box from eBay so that problem is on its way to being crossed off the list already. Most of the rest I will need to source from existing cars or also buy only as I come across them.