Torque and cover

A quick bit of work after, uh… work this evening. I broke down and bought one of those crankshaft holding tools because it was on sale on Amazon. My chain-and-bracket method worked ok but I really wanted to torque the pulley on properly, and this tool really is best for doing that. It bolts to the tensioner post and holds the pulley with a set of crenelated “teeth” while you torque the bolt, in this case to 122 foot pound (164 Nm). I must admit it worked very well and was way more convenient.

The timing belt having been set, it was now the moment to seal it all back up. I applied the reproduction timing cover informational decal I had bought from Dave Barton and the belt replacement service sticker that had come with the new timing belt, bolted it on, and called it a day.

Good as new