Do The Creep

The weather is still sucky in my part of Pennsylvania. It tends to vary between snow and mud with cold and windy as the consistent theme throughout. So not much work has been done to the car itself since the last time. I have finished cleaning up my shop, though. With that cleanliness some the ability to actually work in, and that is what I have done. Among the tools I received from my friend was an old K-Mart brand creeper (so you know it’s quality!). I actually used it when fixing my Honda, but it was in terrible shape. The wheels were these terrible, chewed-up plastic things and the foam rubber head rest had long ago turned to dust. Other than that it was fine, so instead of going out and buying a new one I instead bought new wheels, a few pieces of wood to accommodate them, and some new foam and voilĂ … I am now scoot enabled.