Door cards and trim

The cold weather has not been kind to my battery. It was almost completely dead. I once again borrowed my friend’s recharger and topped it off, so to speak.

Two small updates. First, I was able to locate the last piece of trim I need for the exterior. This was part 1255891, the “Dirt Deflector Moulding”. It runs below the doors, in my case on the driver’s side. I got it from a local guy who I’ve seen advertising on Craigslist for some time but had never been able to get a hold of through email. My persistence paid off, though, as he both had my piece for a very fair price and also had, like, seven other 240s around his house. I see him being a good resource provided I can keep him answering emails.

The second item on list was a few outstanding interior wall and door cards. For longer time readers of this blog, you may remember that the door cards in this car were not in great shape. I decided to rectify this by reinforcing all the cracks and problem spots with simple white glue. As silly as it sounds, white glue is well suited for strengthening paper. So I squeezed some along each fissure, around the shabbier fastener holes, and anywhere the card was coming apart. I placed heavy objects along the cracks to keep them together and the card flat.

The cargo area is now back together after taken most of the panels out when I replaced the fuel pre-pump. I also finally put the rear driver side door’s card back on.