Injectors are back

After disassembling the intake manifold I was left with four loose and very dirty looking fuel injectors. I had originally intended to clean them myself, but in a moment of startling honesty I admitted that I’d more than likely either ruin them or not really clean them very much. So I looked around the internet and decided to turn this job over to the aptly named Mr. Injector. Unlike me, he has both the experience and the equipment to do this right, and his prices aren’t terrible especially when compared to having to buy new injectors because I broke one in my own half-assed attempt at fixing it. So I boxed them up and sent them off to Idaho.

His site told me that I’d be getting a baseline electrical, spray pattern, leak, and flow test followed by disassembly of the “soft” parts, an  ultrasonic bath, a flush for contaminates, and finally a new set of tests to measure the improvement in function. Then they’d be oiled, have their soft bits replaced, and finally repainted with corrosion resistant paint. About a week from when I sent them they arrived back at my house and I must say I am very impressed.

As you can see they’re obviously much cleaner looking, and the flow test suggests they’re much cleaner on the inside as well. Interestingly, one of the injectors was still in very good condition while another was merely in fair shape. Overall they were still functioning quite well, but I’m glad to know that they’re now in tip top shape with new filters and pintle caps. And he also sent me candy! That’s service.