One month in

I’ve had the car for a little over a month now. It’s time for a status update!

Of all the originally identified issues, the following have been addressed and fixed:

  1. Odometer fixed
  2. Hood release handle works
  3. Front driver side door’s latch works on the inside
  4. Rear driver side door’s latch works from the outside (replaced handle)
  5. Interior got some cleaning (still needs more though)
  6. Front doors missing panel pockets purchased and will install when doors are sorted out
  7. Broken radio antenna mast removed and and proper new one purchased
  8. Front driver side door speaker cover replaced
  9. Glove box hinges replaced (still need to source a better latch)

Almost to double digits. Not too shabby. In addition I also have accomplished the following:

  1. Headlights now match and are the car’s original type
  2. New grille
  3. Replaced some of the missing plastic body hardware
  4. Fixed the rear seat release latch
  5. Water damaged door panels fixed and ready for installation

My focus is currently on getting the headlights going and the doors all back together. The final door will be the rear hatch, but that’s a whole other challenge.