The Day Has Come

After nearly two years of on-and-off effort, the big day has finally arrived. In the days, weeks, and months leading up to this event I’ve laughed, swore, strained, and cheered. Most importantly, I’ve learned a lot about a subject about which I previously knew almost nothing. I can now proudly says that this car that I have put so much time, effort and not an insignificant amount of money into is now legal to drive the streets.

To commemorate this day I have done two things. First, I have graced the grill of the car with a bit of flair: a Volvo 100K High Mileage Club badge.

Secondly, I will not officially give my car a name. Henceforth this particular Volvo 240 will be known as… Gudrun. I’ve always liked this name and even suggested it as a candidate for my daughter’s name before she was born, although it was quickly rejected by my wife. I think it’s a fittingly Scandinavian name for a Swedish car. So everyone say hello to Gudrun and if you happen to see us driving down your street feel free to say hello.