Volvo announces ‘Tow For Life’

Photo Credit: rat_fink (flickr)

Volvo will tow any Volvo in the world. For free. Have a new V90? They’ll tow it. A PV444 from the 50s? It’s getting towed! My ’92 240? SO TOWED, YOU GUYS!

Car and Driver reports

No matter what Volvo passenger vehicle you own, no matter how old it is or how clapped out it might be, it now qualifies for free roadside towing. Volvo is extending the free towing service it provides in-warranty customers via its roadside assistance coverage to every Volvo model, “no matter what vintage,” according to the automaker, which has dubbed the service Tow for Life.

Good on Volvo for not completely forgetting their older cars. I hope I never have to use this service.