Adam Savage’s First Car

Adam Savage has long been a hero of mine. I used to watch him and Jamie on Mythbusters do all sorts of cool building, problem solving, trouble shooting, and blowing up of various things and would exclaim to my wife “These guys have the best job in the world!” I stand by that statement and wish that I could do something like that for a living, but fate being what it is, my main talents lay in the world of computers so I guess for now that’ll have to do.

Adam recently posted a short piece on his first car. Given his handy nature and seemingly limitless curiosity,  it is unsurprising that he went with a ’78 Volvo 245. As he says in his article, his precarious financial situation at the time more or less required him to learn how to maintain and repair it, and eventually he learned a new skills. This is very similar to what I’m trying to accomplish here. Go ahead and read Adam’s take on the subject. He offers some nice insight into the act of throwing yourself in somewhat over your head.